Why I love a glass tumblr

I have always been weirdly attracted towards drinkware collections! It is a weird addiction but I really can’t stop myself when I see a cute or new type of water bottle, flask, coffee mug or shakers! After finally researching different types of materials and keeping in mind how environmentally harmful it can be to use plastic containers or those one-time containers in stores, I have finally landed on glasswares!

firstly they’re cute! I love transparency and these glass tumblrs got that for sure haha, and secondly everything about it is reusable! Unlike stainless steel ones, they don’t have any odors, easy to wash and definitely looks soooo good when I pour my drink! It always excites me to try out different coffee flavors and fruit juices! This is the longest I have actually committed to any of my drinkware and I am loving it no doubts! And it doesn’t break my bank

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