Smart Odor Eliminator for Litter Box

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Make odors a thing of the past with the Smart Odor Eliminator for your Litter Box. Don't let false advertising fool you into thinking that odorless litter is possible - our team has tried several products and none have been successful. That's why we have taken it upon ourselves to create the best solution out there: a Smart Odor Eliminator that will help you keep your litter box area freshly scented every single time your cats use it. Our cat litter deodorizer comes with a high-sensitivity biosensing system, 360° intelligent identification of the moment the cat enters and exits, so it can turn off automatically when they approach and start eliminating odor after they have left. It connects through micro USB and only needs a couple hours of charging every 7-8 days to make sure it does its job properly. Don't let bad smells get in the way of having cats in your home – get this Smart Odor Eliminator now!

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